Reliable engines for high power

We offer precise machining of aluminum engine blocks of Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda and other manufacturers, ensuring engine durability even under high power and load conditions.


How we do it?
Making your engine strong

Using high-precision CNC equipment, cooling channels around cylinders are machined on the top of the engine block by supporting them with special cnc machined inserts to form a closed deck surface. In the closed surface, only the required holes for free engine coolant flow are machined. This way cylinders are evenly supported.


  • The VANAGON VW T3, 1986

    My first project and the reason why HCR was made is this car: 1986 VW T3 van (also called vanagon, bulli). There was a desire to install a more powerful engine so that the van would be able to integrate into nowadays traffic flow.

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  • Impreza GC8, EJ25 E85.

    This car has for many years been a project of our engine builder. The problems with the head gaskets and the engine’s main bearing were preventing its devolopment.

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Closed engine top or closed desk provides significantly higher block strength and longevity.


High-quality CNC machines ensure the quality of our work in every engine.


Our enhanced engines are used both by private powerful car owners and professionals in many kinds of racing.


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