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Our story

SIA HCR was established in 2019, March 20, but its roots stretches back to 2015, when the first closed decks where made. We quickly understood that quality is what matters, so we asked Haas Automation to provide us with equipment that ensures the highest quality and precision.

In 2016 and early 2017 we outsourced machining services and closed decked around 10 cases. Because of outsourcing couldn’t bring the quality and short lead times, we started our own workshop.

In the autumn of 2017, we moved to more spacious premises and got our Haas VF-2 Vertical Machining Centre, which allowed us to grow our capacity and expand our services – line boring, mains pinning, thread making, cylinder boring etc.

Until now in the 2020, we have worked on around 300 engines and many more yet to come. We do it in the highest quality and precision.

We also provide Subaru long and short block assembly and can supply with all necessary parts for the build.

We use our experience and participate in circuit racing events with Formula Easter and take part in a drag race and track day events around the country and Europe with our Subaru Impreza.

Our team


The founder and engeneer

Raitis is the founder and owner of HCR. He has a degree in technical engineering and has a passion to resolve unusual tasks and problems that others cannot resolve. He loves to compete and has raced in shifter kart class for 3 years and changed it to formula after. Raitis successfully ended season 2019 as Latvian and Baltic champion in Formula Easter class.


Engine builder

Janis is with more than 15 years of experience with building engines and 11 of those years he worked and mastered on Subaru engines. He loves to compete, and you can often see him at local car meetups, competitions, and rally events. He is the kind of person whom you can call in the middle of the night and ask for help. Janis will ensure that your ride will be back on the roads as fast as possible and it will be a lot more reliable than you had had ever before.



Sandis likes racing and putting big engines in small cars where they do not belong. He knows how to use tools and has flawlessly survived extreme conditions of engine repairing of formula which led us to conquer victory! Sands is not afraid of technical difficulties and keeps our rides in top conditions.

Contact us

Company “HCR” has signed an agreement with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) on Incubation support within the framework of the ERDF Project No. “Regional Business. Incubators and Creative Industries Incubator”.
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