BMW N54 correct length Head Stud kit is what our clients have been asking for some time. After around 2 years of designing and testing we now have available N54 Head Stud kit for highest quality seekers out there.
All 14 studs are 11 mm and equal length, so quality machining of 9 mm threads is needed (which we can also offer).
Main design features are:
– cylindrical thread TIP, which prevents block from cracking
– correct length thread and overall length, so it fits perfectly without any extra cautions
– tested and approved design, that allows up to 50% more of clamping force over main rivals
– 2 size washers to fit Oem N54 heads
Before using our HCR N54 Head Stud Kit your engine block and head must be machined to accept the larger studs to replace fragile M9 bolts in all 4 corners. The original head bolt passages must be drilled out to fit 11mm studs. We can provide all these services. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.