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Oil Squirter Machining service

For EJ20 and EJ25 series engines

250 Eur

We can provide oil squirter machining services to install OEM oil squirters in any EJ20 and EJ25 series engines in the same way as they were installed in those few engines from factory.

Oil squirter machining service optimizes engine cooling, which increases reliability and enhances longevity of today’s performance engines.

Installing the oil squirters in the main webbing of the engine block allows for a cooling jet to spray underside of the piston with oil and reduce piston temperature by flowing heat away and increase the life of the piston. It also reduces the chances of cracks developing in the piston from too high of an operating temperature due to high boost pressures and power levels common in todays modified and stock Subaru turbocharged engines.

OIl Jets are included in price of service.


Before needed services we agree on all the prices and services need to be done. The invoice is sent after all the work is completed and before the engines are being shipped. Once a payment is recieved, we ship the cases.


Currently, we are offering shipping cases all over Europe and we use courier delivery services from door to door.

To determine the shipping cost of a product, add the product to your shopping cart, and input your shipping address. We will contact you about the final shipping cost and estimated delivery timeframe.

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