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Porsche Closed Decking service

For Porsche M96 3.4L and 3.6L engines

795 Eur

Closed decking is a process where the top plane of the engine case (head of the plane of the case ) is machined so it can accept CNC machined inserts. After this process cylinder walls are completely supported in the weakest place – at the top, where combustion happens. All the coolant bores that exist in the head gasket are machined in-cylinder supporting inserts, so engine cooling is not affected. An extra cooling passage can be machined so the engine coolant flows freely under the head gasket.

Closed decking is available for Porsche M96 3.4L and 3.6L engines.

We can arrange pickup and re-delivery of your engine case after all chosen engineering processes are completed. The engine case will be ready for you to start the assembly process or you can trust it to our professional engine builder.

Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.


Before needed services we agree on all the prices and services need to be done. The invoice is sent after all the work is completed and before the engines are being shipped. Once a payment is recieved, we ship the cases.


Currently, we are offering shipping cases all over Europe and we use courier delivery services from door to door.

To determine the shipping cost of a product, add the product to your shopping cart, and input your shipping address. We will contact you about the final shipping cost and estimated delivery timeframe.

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