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A rally car with boostproof engine

Our client Raigo Press from KP Autohooldus shared some insight into his project with his client Vaiko Samm. The project aim was a reliable rally engine, which can hold a big boost without concerns about head gasket issues.

Before HCR services, this rally car had a stock block and there were problems with the head gasket, with 1,6 - 1,7 bar of boost. They had to use 15W-50 motor oil because oil pressure was quite low after the rally stage.

We machined a closed deck (stage 1) for his Subaru EJ207 engine and provided line bore and mains pinning services.

After line boring, engine bearing clearances are so precise that this rally car is now using 5W-40 weight motor oil, and oil pressure still is a little bit excessive in cold autumn temperatures. There are no problems with the engine. It is a proper rally car that shows good performance results. It uses E85 and it makes 250 kW and 560 Nm from crank with 34 mm FIA restrictor.

This project took about 1,5 years and there were other partners involved to do important work with cylinder heads. The assembly was done by our client himself.

KP Autohooldus is our loyal partner and we have done machining services for some of their projects before. Our cooperation is based on good quality services and great communication.

All these improvements helped them reach their personal record and as they say - exceeded their expectations!

If you want your core of the engine hard for racing, just contact us!

Respect your engine!

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