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Impreza GC8 EJ25 E85

This car has for many years been a project of our engine builder. The problems with the head gaskets and the engine’s main bearings were preventing its development. Builder contacted us at HCR to help him resolve these issues.

The case of the engine was then closed decked for better cylinder wall support and prevention of cylinders cracking. This also prevented from head gasket issues because of cylinders deforming under high power and boost.

Next, we did a line boring and mains pinning, so the bearing clearances are perfect. This prevents the engine from bearing clearance problems caused by case warping.

The EJ25 engine now achieves 549 hp and 746 Nm with E85 fuel. We are running 2 injectors per cylinder – 8 in total. Currently, we are running GTX3076R gen I turbo.

Car is used to compete in different hobby events like track days, drag race, etc. This car also serves as our test platform for new services and products we make, so it is always in some process of development and higher power figure outputs are yet to come.

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