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Street Legal & Race-Winning Subaru Impreza WRX

This is a project of Niks Apfelbaums, he is the owner of Subaru Impreza WRX with EJ25 engine and we would like to say a very far-sighted and educated client of ours who knew right away that Subaru engines in their original way can't withstand increased power without improvements (which this kind of car owners usually intend to achieve). He didn't hesitate and took the bull by the horns straight away. With the help of professionals in the field, he did a complete vehicle rebuild and we had that great opportunity to work with the very core of the engine to make it hard for racing.

The reason why he wanted to improve his engine was, firstly, to feel safe and be able to rely on this piece of aluminum. Secondly, for better lap times and to increase chances to get award-winning places.

Niks is a motorsport enthusiast who uses his Subaru both for street and for racing. At first, he was planning to participate in the mini-rally, but after he realized all the work that was invested to improve the performance and looks of his vehicle he did not want to spoil it by throwing this car on the gravel surface. For now, he is satisfied with the touring car racing series in the local area to loosen up after a hard-working week.

As we mentioned before, we admire the approach Niks took to this project. He had no particular problems to solve with his Subaru, he just wanted to make sure that the engine is reliable enough in increased power conditions. Once again, we are truly grateful to our clients who are our loyal ambassadors and keep recommending us to others. That's how Nik came to us - he learned about HCR from a local motorsport enthusiast, who also owns Subaru for racing and has improved his engine with us. After Niks contacted us we realized that we are a great fit for each other and we got the engine.

The car was fully rebuilt and restored, starting with the body floor, suspension system and ending with the engine.

For better engine performance we provided high-quality CNC services such as Closed Decking, Line Boring, Mains Pinning, Cylinder head porting, rebuilt heads with valve seat job, and did valve port relief. We also provided the whole engine Deep Cleaning and full Long-Block Assembly services. We replaced the conventional 11mm Subaru cylinder head bolts with our HCR 11mm head studs for strengthening the engine, and we use HCR Adjustable Timing Idler designed for EJ long blocks that have been shortened down from resurfacing the heads during a rebuild.

After all improvements, the engine works flawlessly and has proven itself at its best. There are no defects or imperfections detected. We quote Nik: “As for the result, I think it is more than I could have asked for!” In the Dyno session, the car developed 370 HP and 600 Nm of peak torque. Niks believes that in order to make full use of such a power, there must be a very professional pilot. And that's exactly what Nick is doing right now - getting used to this great power.

The car is street legal with a valid technical inspection. There are some plans for the future, for example, a larger turbine, transferring the intercooler under the front bumper which would allow it to reach up to + 500 HP. Niks also understand that in order to make the engine last a long and happily ever after, it is important to pay attention to every detail - every link in a chain is equally important.

“I believe that this project has been very successful without undue hesitation and with a relaxed atmosphere. I am very grateful to the HCR team and especially to engine builder Jānis Krusts for his great work and all support and responses to my questions 24/7” - Niks.

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